Friday, September 28, 2012

To what lengths

To what lengths will I go to have this blood obsession arrested, one day at a time, for today?  Am I willing to record all caloric inputs, including quantity? Am I willing to do 10,000 steps? Am I willing to go to meetings regularly? Do service work, whether anyone wants the service or not?  Do service until service becomes the obsession, or at least thinking of others becomes the obsession? Not yet? More willingness required?

I am a compulsive person, so the compulsion can become recording and doing 10 thousand a day (pick a number).

Service work can become an alternate obsession to overeating. My mother would do anything for anyone other than here family. She "kept in touch" with extended family, but mostly lost touch with here children. Such was her opportunity cost of her obsession. I am not suggesting that we get that into service, but the possibility is there.

These blogs (4) are my current mild obsession now. But these are not strong enough to displace the food obsession yet, always.

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