Thursday, September 13, 2012

Atheist Faith

Today, on step two, something came clear to me. As an atheist, I believe in good orderly direction to govern my life. Prayer is more like a mediation, not a blank mind, but to the breath, and then to the problem of the hour, when I loose concentration, back to the breath and then to the problem. But I degress

Faith is my topic, and as I am a compulsive person, today, now, the compulsion is on recovery. What the next hour will bring is something else. Back to what does faith mean to a atheist. Faithful means to keep on following a principal, without wavering. Much as I committed to be "faithful" to wifee, I now make a commitment to not consume sugar, grains, manufactured editable products and omega 6 rich oils.

The next level of commitment, which I struggle with is a commitment to three moderate meals per day.   I am a compulsive person, without a doubt. Some of the time, I am compulsive working or doing something. All or very little, full speed or idle, just like a small outboard motor. Chicken or feathers.

A spiritual awaking is a personality change sufficient to bring about an end to the problem. It may be just a recognition of the problem and a work around the problem, not necessarily a removal of the problem.

I have a compulsion to deal with along with all the other shit. Oh well, life goes on.

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