Thursday, September 27, 2012

Drop out rate

In several places, I have noted comments about the OA drop Out Rate. I maintain that, before you can drop out, you need to be on the program. We have many visitors, perhaps they buy a book, and go away. These people have never been in the program, so they are not part of the drop outs. I think that our actual drop out rate is low. There are many that come in, work the program, and leave. Stop practising sure. But the program is ongoing, no graduation, they never go that part of the program, so they never got onto the program, so they cannot drop out. Visitors come and go, sure, but if you are on the program, it is a life commitment. End of.

For those of us who define god as good orderly direction, how can we drop out? We can stop attending meetings, but since we do not do "exit interviews", what do we really know.

What has god done for you today?

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