Sunday, November 9, 2014

Changes are comming

This blog is going to change directions. Why? .. I have seen the abyss, the empty and meaningless center of my human psyche and even that is meaningless and empty and realized that a purpose is required to provide meaning. The best purpose I can come up with is to find the real cause of this overeating issue and try cures.

Ultimately, the cause is too much desire for food. How and why that occurs is part of the problem, and may be the problem in some form. I am having difficulty supporting the "solution offered by the program", and having difficulty not speaking at meetings to problem that I have found the solution too. That would be against tradition one. So the program looses one more member. maybe. Oh well.

It is the combating of the desire to eat that gives the greatest hope of recovery. William Irvine wrote on desire, an I am now on the third reading of this work. It is in applying the possible solutions where the difficulty arises. Desire is just one of the 8 groups of causes (  ) that I have been studying.The treatment of dealing with desire is it must not upset any of the others.

There are parts of the book that I do not agree with also. I maintain there are three sources of desires, a primal part, where the desire for food, sex, ambition, greed for more, security, sociability, and the like derive from. On top of that is the unconscious where additional these desire may be modified, but the big distinction is that the unconditional is learned. On top of that is the lightly driven conscious mind, which must enlist the help of the unconscious for some real substantial force to either control of modify the desires.

Some of the food desires is a strong primal/unconscious desire for food or food components.


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