Wednesday, November 5, 2014


 Maintenance is tougher than weight loss. (Y/N) Here some the rules from
  1.  Be Tough, Not Moderate
  2. Commit yourself to a 3 Month Opt out Period
  3. Weigh yourself every day
  4. Reverse small gains immediately
  5. Eat Primarian 90 percent of the time
  6. Eat one major meal a day
  7. Perform a daily “Scan & Plan”
  8. Stop eating at 8 pm
  9. Eat from a limited menu
  10. Have one acceptable treat per day
  11. Have a love affair with exercise
  12. Maintain with support and support others
This is all well and fine but doing it is the problem. If is could do these, I would not have the problem. Another circular solution from a person who has never had the problem. Oh well.

It also depends on how sever your (my) problem was in the start. Of the 8 groups of reasons for overeating, I suffer from some of each group. I would like to take a holiday from this problem, but death is the only option, and I am not that desperate yet.

Missing from this list is the food journal, and 6 should say a moderate major meal. When we remove dairy, sugars, grains, much omega 6 oil, and processed foods, we automatically have a limited menu. The problem is sticking to the plan, which no one ever discusses. How does one overcome the desire for food? I am not talking about a bit but all waking hours? Do something else sure, but tired and not yet sleepy?

There is too much day some days. Oh well, there is little help on the matter. Lack of passions, sure, and how does one develop or maintain a passion when we aches and in pains are constant, all the time. Sure, I can slip into a meditative state and block of the pain while meditating, but how much meditation does one need?

Maintain support of others is not within my control, and I have no concept of how to support others. I cannot solve my own problem. Motivation and desire, passion for recovery, persistence, or something else is the first requirement, missing from these steps.   

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