Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mental Standoff

It is not merely living but living well that matters.

To live well, we must do so with intention to live well, that is to cultivate a healthy state of mind. So what is a healthy state of mind?

It is a state of joy, independent of what the circumstances are at the present may be part of a healthy mind. It is a state of being not just OK with what is happening, but expecting it to happen just as it does, with an attitude of wonder and gratitude. Joy is a pleasant mental state, while pleasure is a pleasant sensory response. It is a flourishing life, a live of following virtue, a life direction created by reason and understanding. It does not include taking the word of others, but being able to derive, from first principals (an engineering concept), what is a good life, for this I am responsible. I am responsible for my life, so I had better know it is right.

This third rock from the sun is just that, a rock. Rocks have no purpose. They just are. That is our universe. We organic material have specific characteristics. We are opportunistic, we will grow where ever the environment is suitable. We will change to suit the available environment, if the change is slow enough and does not kill us all off first, before we have had time for some to adapt. Oh well, shit happens. We evolved, and became conscious, likely out of adaption to survive better. Now we need to paint a purpose on our existence, to provide a purpose for our continued existence, just to keep our mind happy.

We are self-preserving in every sense, if we have choice. That makes us selfish, there is no question of that. We do what we must to survive and secondly to feel good about ourselves, which is what drives us to do for others, as we believe we should. Food, sex, water, are all for survival and self preservation of the species. We are programed at a cellular level for these. Security, is the next level of being, and society provides that. We are social beings to some level. Beyond family, community, it is not primitive instinct, but ration mind activity that says we must all get along, work together for the common good if we are to all survive. 

If we happen to think that we should eat just a little deeply enough, then that is what we will do. But we have a triune brain, the desire, craving, and body need part is not in rational control, but we can sometimes convince ourselves that it is.  We need sufficient nutrients, including oils and fats. If we are getting less, we will crave. Not good. Once we get the poor nutrient stuff out of our diet, aka nutrition displacement, the cravings should reduce, but perhaps not. That is a problem, if our nature demands more food that we need, and there is no medical help. So now we have a stand off, the primal part saying eat more, and the rational part saying eat just a little.

So how does one beat that primal part down into submission? I doubt that forcing one's to believe in a non existent god is part of the solution. Understanding how the mind works and what is our priorities may show a philosophical work around the problem. Positive attitude, engagement in life, relationships perhaps, establishing and understanding meaning and some form of achievement may be essential in recovery.    


Wisewebwoman said...

As a free thinker, I love what you write about recovery.

Just thought to say that today as I am always so pleased to see you flash up with something new on my feed.


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