Sunday, November 23, 2014

Genetic Predisposition vs Philosophy

Does genetic predisposition dispose us to "select" a specific 'philosophy of life'?

Do we topple toward a philosophy as a result of discontent with our belief system, uncomfortable with our life style, with our faith, or just curiosity. What starts us down the road toward philosophy of life? Those of us who are analytical, analyze.

What started me was a desire to overcome overeating. OA has a concept the god can help, but what is god? So where does that leave the non-believer? Out in the cold. That what started me down the path, which I do not know where it leads other that to my death at some point.

First I stumbled into the god is just a concept camp. Through the Good Orderly Direction camp, and through the belief in god is the only way camp. Then into the god is a human construct bunch. But I kept digging until I realized that it is all empty and meaningless, and the fact that it is meaningless and empty is in it's self meaningless. The universe consists mainly of big rocks, atoms, debris, and a bit of organic matter. It has no purpose. Rock cannot think, it is not their fault. The only purpose that we can use rock for is material, we can impose a material purpose on them from home to a door stop.

The organic matter is opportunistic and reproduction orientated at a cellular level. It's own purpose is to feed and reproduce. The individual does not matter. Those who best fit there environment will survive the best. There is no purpose to anything until we humans apply a purpose. No god, no life after death, no souls, just matter. We are conscious as the result of evolution, the brightest reproduced better to this point in time. That may change with overcrowding, has changed. Many of our brightest do not reproduce. Oh well, shit happens.

The search for understanding has brought me to looking at philosophy as a way of understanding overeating. Many of the concepts I held of society are just wrong, and all that does not matter; it is their problem anyway. We are all on our own for the most part. Few knows the truth, and they are not being heard well over the roar of the mob. Once we understand the basic truth, the only way is up, building with reason on the truth. We, with our triune brain need to overcome the primal and unconscious desire to eat with reason, the conscious part. That is what makes lasting recovery from overweight and obesity so difficult. We do not have control of our primal and unconscious mind, and therefore all our desires and activities. We, the conscious part cannot outlast the primal and unconscious parts.With oversupply of food, the result is overweight and obesity (owob).

Now how do we over come this?

Well perhaps we need to live by virtue as the Stoics suggest, but what virtues? The following is attached as a list of virtues but I suggest we replace humility with equality. Humility is defined as being not greater that anyone with is numerically being less that everyone. That is just a no go for me, being numerically aware. 

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