Sunday, January 18, 2015

Revised Commitment

Real DC-4 wind vane, Westlock, Alberta
Rumby Steam

Warning! Rant, DIY Psycho

This is a post about the importance of commitment. We all know important commitment is in some fields. Some photographers form the day were more committed to there favorite film than their wives, so the story goes. Well, just how committed are we to abstinence?

Do we have scaled abstinence?

No Chocolate, alcohol,  ... OK
No drinking calories,
No Sugars, ... OK
No wheat, grains, ... OK
No Dairy, well butter on vegs tastes good, no I need to re-commit to clean
No fat added , No added fats (naf)
No eating between scheduled meals. Lunch may be split into two events.
Eat only to being able to stop eating, not satiety.
No eating after supper.
Weighing portions. 

How far down the scale (list) does abstinence extend today? Reorder as necessary.

Commitment to recovery is the critical component in recovery. The second Item is figuring out what abstinence looks like. Everyone caries with us a belief system. From time to time, people and concepts come along to challenge our belief system. We then have a opportunity to accept, reject or hold in abeyance that concept.  That is my belief system. It is however to consider what I actually believe on that subject. Commitment is attached to perseverance, knowledge growth, defining my belief system, the virtue characteristic that I am trying to develop, all part of what might be termed "spiritual growth", virtue progress, or the eight fold path.  

Our Sunday Meeting is about to close unless there is considerable support and commitment.
The next commitment is to abstinence. Recovery is possible, and recovery includes growth in many areas. You may be surprised.


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