Saturday, January 10, 2015

Does anybody care anymore?

Does anybody get riled up enough to do anything anymore? Meetings are dying, and we are so controlling in meetings. We are being prevented from saying what needs to be said. Wake up people, get a grip on life and give your head a good shake. The purpose is recovery. What is our success rate like? It is a low number. At what point does the program say "this not working, we need to make changes" ?

Never, it will just die. Other concepts will start or other individuals will recover on there own or not.

What do I need for recovery? That is the ultimate question.

I can describe what I think I need, in general terms. Something to do that is more important to me than eating. It must have a social component, and an educational component. It must include a practical approach to the eating problem but also to the living problem.

So what exactly is this living problem, and what is it the result of? It is, in some part, caused by the efficiency we can now live with, and the small need for repetitive work, and interaction between people. It is as much a cultural, electronic driven in culture change, as anything else. How do we escape this? First we need to recognize it, and in my case, it is self imposed isolation. I have no need of interacting with many other people. I could spend my time at any number of things, but to what end? Nobody cares enough to respond. I can go around and stick pins in people, (comment on blogs, counter opposing view blogs, but there is never any real discussion or alternatives) and they strike back, but not logically.

It is about not having the burning need for activity. There is much I could do, but nothing that I need or want to do. Such is the problem of learning desire control in some fields. Desire for food is the last remaining desire, and that is now easily displaced with non-food related social activity, but I have little desire for social activity, and there are so many food pushers.

It comes down to does anyone, including me, care?   

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