Saturday, January 17, 2015

purpose of life test

The unexamined life is not worth living
- Socrates

So what was Socrates purpose in later life? He had been through a couple of wars as a foot solider.
To examine his own life and those around him?
To seek to understand the human condition?
To understand how to live better?
Was Socrates functionally unable to write, and is that why there are no writings?

DIY psychology, philosophy sorting needed.

To understand the human condition, more specifically, this humans condition, is a noble undertaking, likely without an end. For real value, though, it must be recorded in a useful format for others. So what is the best or at least a good format?

There is a "purpose in life test". Ok, it is an interesting exercise. It is useless for selecting a purpose in life, just to find out if you have one, either consciously, one you can describe, or unconsciously one that you are living. I had a girlfriend in a previous life, who said here purpose was to raise sheep and kids. I wanted no part in either at that time. Oh well, life happens. I only knew what I did not want. There is the negative and positive parts, to be drawn toward something, and to be repelled away from something. I was repelled of the farm, and yet drawn to dirt. I remember, as a child hearing a fellow describe measuring the plasticity of soil. Just remembering that may be part of the draw or the seed of the draw. 

The last question on the test is "I have discovered: 1 no mission or purpose in life, 5 a satisfying life purpose". This is all well and fine, but my mission of making a bit of money and living through to retirement has been fulfilled, I am still young enough and physically and mentally in good enough shape to do something more, as long as it is not to strenuous. To continue the work I did is not an appealing option, so much of it was just to negative, in too many ways. It is logical that I must find an new mission or purpose. I like the concept of mission, in that it has the connotation of being open ended.

Question 19 is "facing my daily tasks is: 1 a painful and boring experience, 5 a source of pleasure and satisfaction. I do not have enough to do many days. Physical pain is tolerable, as long as I do not overdo the physical exercise. Mental pain, boredom is the worst; and the philosophy aka positive psychology and learning / reading helps. There is some satisfaction in recognizing that there is a great deal in common in all these fields. When philosophy (logic) and proven positive psychology agree, there is some to that concept. Getting it into a workable form is not so straight forward. For example how does one relinquish all negative desires? How does one honestly feel only positive emotion, when reality is a mixed bag? How does one take responsibility for my part in life without taking responsibility for the negative parts as well. Those guys can sell a program, but it is not always possible to live it.

Enough for now.    

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