Thursday, February 26, 2015

Positive Psycology

Flocking together
How to maintain positive in the face of many negatives in life?

Positive Psychology of course. But they never tell us how to keep positive, just demonstrate the importance of being positive. Keep that Losada ration above three, that is positive emotion count divided by the negatives. Yah. OK. That is 75% positive life. If I did that well in business, I would be rich. A 75% life score will require some effort.  So how does one do that. Look at life through rose tinted glasses, or positive politicization glasses? Well yes and if we classify events as positive, neutral, and negative, include all the neutral with the positive events. Ignore the negative, as some do is not really dealing with reality, but that to helps the Losada ration.

All this reminds me of our local politician, I will call him Stoned Willy, as he was when we were both young. He claims responsibility for the industrial development, where in actual fact, the county only regulated development. Regulation, aka. allowing development is far different from producing development. Regulation is negative from the point of view of the developer, but I digress.

When we look at the old Greeks, they had several methods. Cynics stayed out of everything that was not necessary for life, living rough in public spaces, and living off what they could find lose or what was given to them, limiting themselves to what they could carry. Epicurus was a farmers/gardener, and stayed out of family, commerce, politics; that limits the amount of upset.

Having gratitude for life, liberty, the times we live in, the food we eat, the close we were, heat in our homes, and the like can push the Losada ratio up to overcome all those other negatives. But we must take time to feel those each day, if we can feel them. Staying positive is just work of the mind, manufactured gratitude if necessary. Group of grateful, compassionate people help help foster more gratitude, that may be the function of religions. Groups positive think.  Yah. OK. Avoid the negatives. Hang with the positives.  Even double dipping, or many dips into the same positive is encouraged. Yah. Yah. +++++++++++++++++.

Enough + + + +     

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