Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Practice make different

stimulated my ire this morning. Practice make something different, or perhaps better, but very seldom does anything become perfect. Perfect is a score of 600 on five dozen arrows. It has only happened once in Olympic history. It is all about equipment at that point of perfection. Perfect is not a realistic goal, but change or better is a realistic goal, if you are goal driven. Prefect leads to frustration for most, as do goals.

The concept of perfect and the concept of goals both lead to frustration for the person who does not achieve the point. It is frustration of losing repeatedly that keeps people emotionally down. That is not good. It is better to accept less that ideal, and be content with that then to see ourselves as failures. There is nothing wrong with losing, it is normal, or more common than winning. Consider sports league with 30 teams, on average any one team can expect to go 30 years without winning the annual top of the league. On average, half of us have below average intelligence. Some of us have very bad memories for "literal strings". We just cannot remember how to spell words we do not use often. Oh, well, processes, on the other hand are just recalled perfectly years after without using. Long hand square root. The proof for Pythagorean theorem. But how to spell theorem or Pythagoras? not so much.

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