Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Steam Power, Rumely Smoke door art
I have thousands of pictures and a filing cabinet full of slides, and then there is the B&W collection and paper pictures from negatives. I think I will just start using them as repurposed images.

Repurposing is simply a change in use of an object, or item, so why not humans. It is recognizing that quzi boredom is one of my many problems. I have been stewing rather than pushing ahead since retirement. It is time to take action. I suffer from boredom, anxiety over my ability and performance, and requiring myself to do things I do not wish to do. These are Maladaptive issues that I must resolve rather than ruminate on and eat over due to indecision and rumination stress. The decision need not be right or wrong, just action, and can later be repurposed.

Muconious Rufus, (Stioc, Epictetus' teacher) said something like "Nature has set us the goal of flourishing, both we as individuals and as a species." Flourishing requires positive emotion, which includes commitment, meaning, engagement, interest, enthusiasm, motivation, and moving forward into life. Of course, if fate permits, we have achievement, satisfaction, and mental joy feeding back into the positive emotions. We can say it is our duty to what is necessary to flourish. So to that end, I will ignore a negatives and ignorants and plunge ahead with positive polarized blinders, and see what happens.

It seems that if flourishing is the goal, we all must get along as a species, else there will be more problems. As a species we have a choice, flourish or die out in the long run. Those are the choices, other than struggle along, just surviving. We look around and see lots of people doing the right thing for the wrong reasons. Oh well. It would be better if they were doing right for the right reasons. Nobody ever seems to understand what I am saying with this. One must know what are the right reasons are with certainty and confidence to say this. That is where the dispute is. Nature is all there is. Get on with life, abandon supernatural thinking and get on with reason. I need to repurpose my lives to aid flourishing, not just highgrading this rock we live on, and aid in getting the species to flourish, but not to the point of self destruction, as where we are headed. Highgrading is a mining term for taking the best ore and leaving the poorer ore. It is considered bad practice by some, usually those who later go back and try to work the mine for the remaining ore that was not considered economic the first time.

Living generally virtuously and rationally is the place to start. If we accent to the proposition that there is no supernatural, and that the goal of our species should be to flourish, then we need to know how to flourish as individuals and as a species, then to get on with it.

Enough for repurposing of my life.   

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