Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Stoic AM

This AM, in the garden
Warning. DYI psychology concept for today.

Awake with gratitude in our heart for the day, and gratitude for life in general. Arise to do the work of a stoic template man. To make judgements is our first and best ability which is truly our own, prudence must be our first virtue, that is correct use of our abilities. To that end, we must have knowledge, wisdom, virtues, beliefs. These are the foundation of judgements. We must keep these clean and whole, true and right. We must also upgrade these, as better concepts come along.

I need to separate what is up to me and what is not; I need to separate my duty from the duty of others, being aware others may not perform their duty fully, whether out of ignorance of there duty or ignorance of how to perform it, or willful disobedience to reason and the rule of law.  

Temperance, follows prudence; courage, justice, persistence, and compassion for self and others also are high up on that virtues priority list.

We are in control of our beliefs, that is one of the keys to life, but gratitude is the foundation belief.

We are all equal in life, humility includes equal, even if it is not defined that way.  

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