Sunday, February 1, 2015

Philosophy vs Theology

Fuzzy until we get it into focus. Oh well, that's life.

What is the difference between a philosophy and a theology, as it applies to a way of life?

A philosophy lays out the reasons that something is better, and allows us to accept, reject, or withhold judgement. A theology make a statement and demands that we accept it, even when it is obviously wrong. Religion is dictatorial and does not change or improve over time. Philosophy changes, the best ideas at a time can be adopted, and upgraded if something better comes along. It becomes down to us to do what is right, to know what is right, and why it is right, from first principals. From these first principals, the right action logically flows. Reasoning becomes the process to resolve the cognitive dissonance. It is our choice, accept, reject or withhold judgement.

What are these first principals? Well, there must be many of these things. Living by nature is likely one of them. We all do much better if we get along, and give up a few things for the common good and security of person. Social contract type of concept. We must not lash out, in order to not be lashed out upon. We were born to cooperate as Marcus Aurelius put it. If we do this, we can avoid much conflict. If we cannot, someone will lose badly, and the victor will carry on, likely need to cooperate anyway for security and peace.

If by nature, it is necessary; if by choice, it is arbitrary. Just what it is is the subject.  Back to diet, food issues. The desire to eat is natural, and for some of us, physical or chemical, it just is too large for our own good. Nature is calling for us to eat; and eating is slow death. We can make a decision to eat and die, or go against nature, live better and longer, yet we die in the end. It is all about the struggle. For some of us there is no reprieve in the desire to eat. Science can do nothing for us. We can make the decision, eat and die slowly, do not eat as much and die slower. It is our choice, it is arbitrary, but either way we die.

There is still no god, we are just opportunistic organic animals living on this big rock. There is no right and wrong, only better and not as good ways of living or of dieing. It is the same decision, but whether we look at the bottom or the top, the half full or half empty. It does not matter.

Is right defined by reason and appropriate actions? So what is the appropriate action in this case? Suffering from the desire to eat and not eating, or the earlier death of eating and obesity. It is that simple. 

Religion says who is right, philosophy says what is right. Which will you decide to follow?

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Wisewebwoman said...

I gave up the drug of religion eons ago so your philosophy pleases me.
My friend, who died recently, watched every mouthful. She respected, but never understood, my addictions and the safe circles I put around my food.
Death still got her too early.
Maybe we're like dandelions and when it's our time to blow, yeah we blow.