Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Just not possible

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Compatibility between gay rights and religious freedom is just not possible. No one has the right to force their beliefs on others in a multicultural society. That is the foundation of a true multicultural society. But we are not a true multicultural society, we are some bastardization of Christian culture, and are still in the process of evolution and evolving. Other religions are trying to change our evolution away from logic.  

A true multicultural would allow anything. Islam has a duty to convert everyone to Islam or kill them if they do not want to convert. How can that work in a multicultural society?

Ultimately, the government will make the regulations, and all will need to comply. So it is trending toward equality for all in all things, which cannot work as above. So we have the right to believe anything we want, but not to express it, or to act on our beliefs. Gays have always existed, and are likely some kind of mismatch biologically. Oh well. There are those too who are sexual perverts due to chemistry and or psychological issues. We have colors, which have evolved different epigenetics. They have the right to believe as they do, but the government has the responsibility to regulate their behavior. Pushing their warped beliefs on others should not be permitted. Forcing behaviors on people who do not support a policy will not work either. If everyone has free choice of behavior, those who are opposed to other peoples actions will be at odds. It just does not work.

Canada will need to define a set of behavioral standards, and all those who are unwilling to adhere to those behavioral standards will just have to go elsewhere. Religious freedoms are less important that behavior. The obvious conclusions is that religious beliefs are likely wrong if we take the ultimate purpose of humanity to flourish. That is more evidence that there is no god.

The stoics talked about this in terms of preconceptions are different. We all agree it is right to do right, but we disagree on what is right. We as a society need to get really down to defining our purpose as humanity, and moving beyond historical belief systems. Logic, reason must be the foundation. Once we see that there are some things we control and some that we do not, this puzzle falls apart. It just suddenly starts to go together, piecemeal.  

We have a BC politician who stepped down to better be able to promote his religion and creation. In the science, today, there is no doubt that evolution occurred. We do not have all the details yet, but details are being added ever day. He is just wrong, but he has the right to argue. The fact remains he can believe whatever he wants, even if it does not fit into what we know to be logical today. We do not yet have all the answers.   

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Wisewebwoman said...

The thing is also that these fundies non-scientists don't believe in climate change and melting and believe true believers will be 'saved'. Our PM believes this.

And thus endangers all of us.