Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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The merger of philosophy, psychology, ethics, and nature. This sounds like the human subsystem of engineering. We watch what human do, and recognize different behavior population in the mix, but never concern ourselves with the why. We use history to predict the future, and where there is no history, we overlay similar situation and allow for more variation. Sloppy. yes, but do you have a better way? Oh, well, shit happens.


Some cannot separate animal rights from vegetarianism. 

On animal rights... most farmers who grow animals provide a general provide the best environment for the animals to grow, often traditional environments. Often sustainable, often near organic, often unprofitable in modern sense, too much work, to little cash, a tough way to live in a modern world. Animal death is quiet and quick; stress toughens meat and devalues the meat.  

Factory farms are profit based, and they provide the environment to make the most money. They start with genetic material, and grow genetic material, to be fed to other genetic material for money. No humanity involved. They do what is necessary to deliver economic eatable products, without regard to animal or human life. 

Now on a separate topic that is totally disconnected with animal rights...

On Veggies...No vegetarian civilization has ever existed. I know that vegetarianism make a philosophical argument but growing and physically working people suffer physically, muscle and frame, when they go veggie, and few last long. I have seen the effects. They cannot grow muscle. Pregnant ladies cannot grow strong fetuses. Some non-working people do last veggie; frequently quoted people are usually authors, non-physical workers, --- all your quotes are from non-working people. Epictetus says animals are there to serve man, and man is here to serve each other. I am not going to gamble with my physical body to support your ideology. What you do is none of my concern. Stoically, I do not care what you do.


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