Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Who's Will

In the 12 step scheme of things, we are to bring our will into line with god's will. OK. Now for us atheistic stoics, it is even more difficult. We need to bring our will into line with reality of what happens. All our desires must go, it is total acceptance of those thing not within our control, which is most everything beyond out judgements, opinions, beliefs and the like. We are to will what happens. OK. so other than the verbiage, what is the difference?

The stoic concepts forces us into the present, accepting what is happening about us, but all the while working toward what we would like. We stoics have considered what will be necessary to be in business, the concentration and focus on the job. We know that we will need to adjust our personality to a learned sociopath consideration for others, over-polite to our clients, customers, and cut-through to our employees. We do not have the luxury of being human unless we are in an industry that does not demand performance of it's employees. There are some; the utility businesses, big oil with a true safety first concept, and the like. Most businesses are dollar driven. If you have time to lean, you have time to clean. Yes, we can control our behavior, and our personality. We can become driven.

It the program, we need to learn to let go of things beyond our control. Acceptance is the answer. The stoic say the same things for all thing beyond our control, and that occurs by bringing our will into line with what happens. OK.

Enough. Picture just because.

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