Saturday, May 2, 2015

Pick Your Delusion

I just came back from a morning at an OA retreat. It was one more day of the typical, god, god, god, pick your delusion. That does not match with stoic up to us/not, and responsibility for just those things within my control. The two are incompatible. I must drop one.

Character defects are nasty things, let go of them. Before I can do that, I must learn what a good character should look like in the modern sense, and develop that so that I have no need of those troublesome parts. I must learn to deal with idiots, aggressive, the bossy, the blind, control freaks, the religious, the irrational, emotion and irrational, and all those others. I must learn to let go of anger, resentments, fears, caring for those who do not care about themselves, and those who are stuck in delusions of their own choosing.

A good character goes through a morning reset. This might include gratitude, voiced or felt, followed by a list of virtues to practice that day.

Perhaps serenity or tranquility, without concern for time is the most pressing characteristic to develop.

Live by natural things in natural ways. Unnatural is not the right way.

Fortitude, courage or perseverance, temperance, wisdom, justice, compassion...

Keep on doing that which is good and right to do.

Justice in judgements, understanding that I control my beliefs, my core beliefs and those can change.
understanding that today I will be faced with the irrationals.

Things cannot do much, and cannot reason. It is not there fault, it is the way they are.

Compassion for the deserving, and ignoring the unknown and careless,
observing the prime directive, allowing alien cultures to go there own way.

Following the Logos, where ever it leads.

Rational thought and behavior is the way to achieve a flourishing life.
Meaning, engagement, and if fate permits, achievement, satisfaction and joy.

It is not the event that upsets us, but our thoughts about it.
Some thing are up to us, some are not. We can change anything that is up to us, influence a few other things, acceptance of the remainder is required.

Aline our will with what is about to happen, desire that which happens.
Live in the present, without the need for hope for the future outcomes nor regret about the past which is.
A virtue has two opposites. we need to be in the middle, moderation, for most virtues, except for the absolutes.
Prune our personality until we are left with just the desirable characteristics.
Just watch the drama unfold.

This is the delusion I choose.

A good character goes through an evening review, what defects did I not practice, what sound characteristics did I practice? What problem did I solve today? What did I achieve? Do I need to make amends to anyone? What is your core belief; what is your new core belief?

Enough, and a picture because I can


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FredT said...

Yes I am deluded, I live with a delusion, that I know what is true and right. Without that delusion I would have to use a learned delusion to start with. No one has yet told me what I should believe beyond basic principals of engineering.