Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Best line of the day

“Recovery is about purpose and meaning in life, not “sobriety” and meetings.” ~ Stanton Peele

It is my opinion that having a strong purpose in life has been one of the driving forces of flourishing people. But when our purpose is removed, achieved, or frustrated beyond our control, how does one reestablish a new one?

Positive psychology says positive emotions produce meaning, and engagement (flow), but really these three must occur together. If we have those three and fate permits we may have achievement, satisfaction and joy. Purpose in life is the starting place that we must have for achievement, but purpose may not receive flow for any of those nasty reasons, removal of purpose, or frustration. And then life goes on. We may not enjoy our achievements, the work required to maintenance may be too great, or all we have is the memory of those events. Our achievement may be fleeting. Nature's only permanency is duplication or recreation. It is all changing, impermanent. We just need to keep peddling, with the faith that everything will be right in the end, and keep on peddling. It is all futile, we will die in the end anyway.

It is all about looking forward, with expectation, wonder, joy; the journey not the destination. There are some youtube videos that show how little conventional wisdom knows about diaobesity, Fung  , that show the connection between cortisol, adrenaline, glucose, insulin, insulin resistance, and obesity, and the process of physical recovery. What drove us to overeat originally is not discussed, but the list hormones all have psychological impacts.

It would be less hassle to simply buy a few veg than to grow them, but then what would I do?
Barge fairy on the  Saskatchewan

A bit about the Saskatchewan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHAl1tWvvPA


Wisewebwoman said...

Steps are meaningful - well done!

I never viewed meetings as the be all and end all, merely a propulsion into a new way of life sans booze and sans overeating.

Right now I've reached "God maximum" and am taking a breather. The older I get the harder the filtering.


FredT said...