Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How important is it really?

Beware; stream of consciousness. Politically incorrect.

The stoic call it view from above. Just imagine our self flying upwards, and what do we see? A rapid decrease in the size of everything. We just become ants, each doing our own thing. Confusion, yet order. We leave the house, go to work, do wage slavery all day, and return. Buffoonery and arduous labor, drudgery and boredom, how little interest. We run around, and what do we achieve?

Is there anything more useless than cutting grass? So it "looks better". Does anyone care? The City, the neighbors, the mob. As a stoic, you know how much I care about what the mob thinks. I am not interested in what the mob thinks, and few of the mob are interested in what I think. Work so that we may pay more taxes? The uselessness of so much. And over - abundance, fat, lose weight, get exercise.

Too much bad information. Insulin is the fat storage hormone, eat no carbohydrates, and it is difficult to get fat. Yet we humans like carbohydrates, it is natural to like them and want them and to eat them given the chance.

Nature is in control of so much, and provides such drives. Human nature is to eat, and we individuals must resist the urge to eat, but we do not have control, only influence. We must go against Nature.

Many say we are in control, and yet the evidence says we are not. We do not want to be fat, yet we are. We are not in control, and those who say we are are not looking at the evidence, but rather what they think is true. Their belief system says we should be able to control our eating (ELMM). Prove it, or it is just your opinion, asshole.

OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder, is a real problem for many, yet the doctor says it does not contribute to obesity, yet if I am obsessing about other things, I have no desire to eat. If I am obsessing about food, I will empty the pantry. My OCD cause obesity, along with the FU situation I grew up into. It is the fault of where I was dropped at birth. Oh well, I survived. It was my obsessions that allowed me to survive.  

Separating the material and the concepts that drive, the causes may give relief. Yes, Nature has dealt me OCD, greed, analytical mind, reason, and a disinterest in others or low social need. It deal me an interest in the material processes. Nature allowed me to learn the causes of slope failures, foundation failures, bank movements, and the knowledge of how to build to avoid those problems. Nature allowed me to learn pavement design, geotechnical materials engineering, and the like, but not how to write in a socially appealing way. Oh well, shit happens. Yet I spent most of my working life grinding out engineering reports after collecting the required information.

trib to Bow at Blackfalls
When I sit back and evaluate it all, how important is this life's accomplishment to anyone but me? Few will even notice when I return to from where I came. "If you want lasting immortality, chisel your name into a big rock. It may last a few years beyond you." Paraphrased quote from one of those old Greeks. Is that where the idea of a head stone came from?

Enough. Picture because I can. The water is really brown, and the falls are just a riffle now. 

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