Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The God Delusion

A nice read, thought stimulating, logical and rational argument for something that science hardly argues with. Like food science, the argument is all about getting the public concepts of old changed to more correct concepts. Science has made peace with reality. Oh well, I know what is right; the fault lies with the views of others; mistake were made, but not by me; sort of  level of arrogance or reality, you be the judge. 

Just part way through so far. The best line yet has been something like.... "When one person suffers from a delusion, it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion, it is called a religion."

Richard Dawkins is forcing me to think but not too much. I have long know that religion was bogus or bog gas, methane, with a bit of parenteral induces capsein and bait. I always considered god a concept, a meme, a idea that has been pushed down through the generations. It never occurred to me that it was just man made hogwash before. Man made god, although he has not yet said that. OK. Moving on, off on a tangent.

Religion has uses, and the modern religions needs a overhaul or a rebuild.  Reason, logic needs to be raise up the priorities of life, as does a life purpose that stays in front of the changes and vicissitudes that life throws us. We need to know where we are going and why, to maintain a urgent motivation to action.

I am aware that I now need to revise my purpose in life, so recapture the sense of a driving force that gave reason to get out of bed in the morning, and kept me awake at night, thinking, planning, devising, scheming. A vital consuming creative force, a ultimate personal goal, like to rid the local population of the evils of ignorance, but they do not care. Oh Well.

We are on this world to cooperate, according to Marcus Aurelius, but then there are the sociopaths and psychopaths, and like companies...some banks, financial, insurance gougers, airlines,  that just sit back and take from others through fraud, scams, and hide on the internet. Without mass communications, they were known, and could be dealt with by the local governments, when we had local communities. Now they hide behind lawyers, distance jurisdictions, foreign governments, religion freedoms, from stone age to iron age religions.  We need an electronic age religion, or no religion.

Herding cats is a phrase I have heard before, and that is what Dawkins likens us free thinkers to. He may be right, but some of us would follow if someone would take up the lead in the direction I am heading now. I agree that we need a social - community organization that we can get behind.

Religions provided potential educations and direction before, to the lost and straying. That was a big portion of it's work when the life expectancy was not so high. So far, Dawkins has not toughed on that, not the big structures, support for the arts, and high end architecture craftsmen, painters, and to some extent science within the limits of what the church thought was proper. Of course, Ireland has implied the RC church is behind the times, relative to what the people want. They have choices now, so the RCC can play catch up or become even more irrelevant.

But what do I know.
dyslexic god

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Wisewebwoman said...

I always enjoy your posts - but about Richard D, he fell down on his ravings on Muslims and women and sexual harassment even though his apologies arrived when he saw the outrage he engendered. I lost a whole pile of respect for him then.
Not to take away from your insights.
The older I get the less tolerance I have for the massive amount of filtering I have to do at our gatherings.