Saturday, May 30, 2015

Having renounced god...

After renouncing god, I still need to have purposes in life. Community must be important as humans are social animals, but even that characteristic varies widely with in human species and cultures. I personally, am of low social need, having grown up in relative isolation until I went to school, then due to speech, social, and personality issues was harassed at school; self isolation was better than exposing myself to harassment. I have always worked in low social jobs and careers choices. It was just easier that way. Writing is not my strong suit, analysis or doing the work is.

Coming from a cultural separated, religious family, and being anti-religions for many years, I was no longer part of much of the extended family functions. I have tried to become involved but that did not work out, so I let that all go. So be it. It is time to extend myself toward the social part of this mixed culture that I find myself living among, but I will not endure catering to there delusions of god. Some thing are up to me and some are not, so we will see what happens. I have chosen to follow essentially logic thoughts, many exposed by the early Greek Stoics.

Virtues are important to live up to for a number of reasons. It is likely right to do right, and by living up to virtues, it is possible to have a number of different attitudes. If wrongs were done, they were not done by me. I only did right, therefore the faults lie elsewhere. Arrogant? Perhaps, but with that much effort, if you can show me a better way, I will be open to hear about it and test or explore it. If it is actually better, truer, more just, than I will adopt it and live up to it. Living virtuously should produce positive emotion, meaning, engagement, and if fate permits, achievement, satisfaction and joy, according to PP (Positive psychology).

What are these virtues or precepts? First should come compassion, compassion for self and others. I am in the process of major change in my life. I am in the process of feeling my way through life for the first time. I will make mistakes.

Examination of the evidence of how one should live must be high up on the virtues, aka analysis of the life objectives and methods.  There has been much through out as how to live rightly, yet as I look around, I see much that is just obviously not right. This shows that something besides the cheese stinks in our society. Either people do not know how to live or they are not doing it, what else is there? They could know what was not right and choose to do wrong because it is easier or there is easy money in doing wrong. Money, fame and sex are easy but wrong goals, but often practiced.

Logic suggests that there are three levels of life, the upper most is logical, and the lower is animal existence. There is likely an intermediate level that is a developmental stage for logic, and that is a religious stage or level. In logic stage, there is no reason to kill, rob, defraud, or do any monetary or physical harm to others. There is only one logical philosophy, and differences of opinions occasionally as to better or best logic, but opinions are held loosely, easy to change. We need to live in a try this or that existence until we find that which is right for us as individuals. Some may wish to stay in the older and lower level of religious existence for the remainder of their lives, and that is their right. It is indoctrination of children into historical ways of fixed thinking that is just not right. We live in an age of communications, of knowledge, of information, and we need to learn to use these great tools for good, not destruction. To do this, we need to understand what is the ultimate good is, and what we must do to achieve this state of mind and behavior in the next generations. Long human existence on this planet will require that all the population move to the logic level. 

It is the next generations that we need to be concerned with. Over population and shortages of food, water, energy, will be common. A world wide one child policy would create less discord and stress on this planet. Economic collapse may push the minimalist lifestyle mainstream. These may be frugal or moderate, or down to the Cynic level, of living off the land, but only taking that which is freely given for the intended use to quote the Buddhist concept. This would be the no theft policy, but it need to separate theft, scavenging, and reuse. Anything no longer under the direct control of owner for more than a week will need to be removed. 

That is a no theft policy, but would need to allow permit picking and using of litter or "on the road droppings." In cleaning of road ditches, I have noticed some "useable stuff". Anything of value should be offered up as lost, but the cop told me to hold it and he would make note so if anyone called looking for it...

We will come to understand time in new ways....

Enough for today, and a picture because



Wisewebwoman said...

Thanks as always Fred. You set my world to rights after over exposure to all the effing god talk, my tolerance level is set to zero right now, for many reasons.


FredT said...


We all know we humans developed as hunter gathers, to gardeners and farmers with livestock, to industrial age agriculture. We know the stone age, the bronze age, the iron age, the industrial age, petroleum age, computer age, or will it be information or communications, or the internet that we become know for. Is there another progression? In our behaviors/beliefs; animal, social, cultural, religious, and final to pure logic. So when logic fails we revert to animal and try to kill off the rival group.

Does this suggest three levels of human development; animal, religions, logical. While most are exploring religion, some of us have moved into logical and need to explore there. I can see war as basically animal behavior.

So where does all this lead? A new belief system? A new or improved behavior system? A new personal code of conduct? all of the above?