Monday, June 1, 2015

Change After No God Realization

Having realized that there is no god, change is inevitable. This is a big realization. I have doubted there was a god most of my life, but now realizing that there is no god is a major change, and more changes are required to account for the changes in responsibility. Some things are up to us, and some are not. That has not changed. What has changed is now the thinking makes it so is much more important. It is me that must change, there is no god to put anything onto. There never was, but religions have been lying to us all along. That is the hard part to understand. Religion has been and is committing fraud since it's conception. Priest are basically fraudsters, whether they realize it or not.

A this psychological evolution occurs, as more and more people recognize there is no god, fear will be a factor for more people. Some will be stricken with fear, more than presently will not be able to cope with reality, and will need to adjust. Add to that all the fear mongering going on with children, stranger danger, over protective parents, and the ability to isolate with the internet, it will be more stressful for child rearing. Not more dangerous, just more stressful, and add to that the learning to deal with the overpopulation, and shortages of water, energy and good foods.... The world has always been a dangerous place. The demand for services will just load taxes to the point of killing the reasons to work, killing the economy. Oh well.

The number of sociopaths and psychopaths will likely grow, that is the people who stop or decide not to be cooperative, but be takers only, and use that possibility to there personal gain. In old times these would be the tyrants, like the Alberta Progressive Conservatives had become before they were tossed from office in May 2015. Mistakes were made but not by me attitudes. Government cannot serve all the special interest groups, there are too many, the cost will kill the systems. In the long term, all it will be able to do is step back and let the people do what they can, as the governments will be essentially broke or headed that way.

Each individual must decide, on there own, whether they will be part of society, or an individual. As the psychological awaking takes place faster, there will be changes. The biggest thing is that the children should not be indoctrinated into religion and not permitted to question and penalized for leave any bullshit religion. Christianity had the inquisition; Islam has apostasy, a specific word for leaving. All religions should be abandoned in favor of truth, no god, but then we need to figure out how to live well on our own. That is where personal responsibility come in, in a big way.

It all comes down to doing what is right to do, for the right reasons.

Realization is another word that I need to talk about. Nothing has changed in the world, it is just the way I looked at it. I am amazed at how resistant to realization when we have a concept locked in our mind. In the case of religion, the god concept, and when we realize the concept was wrong, and that belief dissolves, and just goes away, how many years have I wasted with this wrong concept in my head. Wasted may not be the right word, as all we have is the present moment, but spent, not fully realizing the truth, and how things really are. Would it have changed what I did? Definitely yes, but that is history. It is only now, in the present moment, that change can be made. I am just amazed that I did not see it before. How many more major revelations lie in my belief system?

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