Sunday, June 21, 2015

For this, I am Responsible

What we have here is a failure to take responsibility for my own life. It is only I that I can count on. The stoics say some things are up to me, some are not. I am responsible for what is up to me, and can only influence some of the things that are not up to me, and most, I have no influence over. I can influence my reaction to them. For this I am responsible.

I have a bad tenant that became bad; my part is that I rented to her late husband. She got pregnant and trapped the guy. She will be soon gone. The house is not up to the standard she would like to become accustom too, with her low income, and cannot afford the rent. Oh well, she has the poor mes, and the I wants. I am not responsible for her attitudes, that is her problem, and soon the Counties. She is moving to County housing.

It is all about responsibility. I could have evicted her, but I did not, my part. I could of evicted her husband, but he paid the rent on time, and looked after the place. He had a long and painful death. Returned to where he came from, OK. She has struggled to pay the rent for a year and then I raised it. She decided she wanted to live in a better place, but had no one to pay for it. Native eh, the poor me culture, may contribute. I allowed a native into one of my properties, that was my part. For that, I am responsible.

Food knowledge, for that I am responsible. What the government teaches is wrong, but I am still responsible for listening and believing them for all those years. LCHF exaggerate, but I am still responsible. Too much fat cause weight gain, yet LCHF say we cannot get fat on fat, and that fat satiates, bullshit. We overeat for at least one of six reasons, poor food knowledge, physical appetite issues, maladaptive behaviors issues, environment factors, food addiction, and other habit, convenience, availability issues. Oh well, I am responsible, it is a life style choice. I can choose to eat right foods and quantities, against the advise of others, go it alone, on my own, for it is my life and I am responsible, or "go with the flow and get fat". Others are free to push there opinions, but it is still my responsibility to choose correctly, obtain good for me foods, prepare those foods, and eat only appropriate quantities. Others are not responsible for pushing onto me their products. It is my responsibility to resist. For this I am responsible.

It is a lifestyle choice, and for this I am responsible. The organism must adapt to the environment it finds itself in or parish, that is not the ultimate law of Darwinism, rather, reproduce or your species will not survive. But if we reproduce and too many survive, then what? Mass die offs when groups run out of water, food, energy, or the rise of the individual family hording for survival? That is a topic for another day. For now, it is personal responsibility for the food that I consume, my life choices, living with my past choices in this time of mass bullshit public information and misinformation. Our current environment is not healthy, or is not inducive to healthy choices. It is about survival once again, and personal responsibility for the choices that we make.

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