Sunday, June 14, 2015

Doing what we know is right

Confidence and courage are both related to doing what we think is right, doing what is right because it is right to do right. Circular logic or fundamental belief; it is none of my concern.  

A quote from some where:

‘Moral courage means that you do what you think is right without bothering too much about the effect on yourself.’

Coming to sort my beliefs, becoming atheist, is abandoning a belief in any supernatural god, not abandoning my values. People need to cooperate to get along, to flourish, as a population. This becomes more obvious as, being an non-theist, we realize that faith and hope are meaningless desires for a delusion. What will happen, will happen. we need to accept the worst possible, and move on improving the situation and outcome, ever way possible. Death may be worst outcome, and is available. Once we accept that, we can move on living as best practical, and for as long as we can. Death is not within our control, but much of how we live is. It is up to us, at least parts of it.

Youtube has many theist videos that suggest atheists have no moral values, which shows they do not understand the word - atheist. We are not savages, it is simply, we do not believe in a supernatural god, We have morals, and values, just not god based reason for doing things. We need a real purpose in life, a reason of doing, but one that is real. We start with understanding the word - theist, and know it is all about belief. If we believe something is right, than knowing we are right, we can do what ever is right and know we are right, and not be much bothered by what it's effect on use is, because that too is right. Circular human existence,circular human logic. Oh well, shit happens.

But what is the best we can? People are destroyed by high living and by poor living. It is much so now, and was in Epictetus's time, or so one of the fragments says. Minimalism is not my way; I have difficulty to throw out anything that is useful, that was the way I grew up. Saving anything of value, but throwing trash. Bit of a hoarder, but I do not have a issue in giving stuff away, but nobody wants it, so high living is not the way either. Somewhere between, but toward the low end, I think. Not soft, but comfortable, durable and sustainable.

I was out picking highway garbage as part of the service club that I am exploring associate with. Many humans are such vandals and wasters. I could call them pigs, but pigs are cleaner and more useful. And then there is the useful lost stuff that is just garbaged. No recycle, that would be more work. I just do not agree, but I understand. Perhaps I need my own project, but I do not want that much labor.

Cardboard and paper decays, and the ditch mowers take care of most of that. It is the metals, and non-rotting junk that needs to be picked up, but they want everything, especially plastics and colored paper, the stuff that can be seen when fresh, that needs to be picked up. Such a waste of effort for paper that will rot. But I did not know what the garbage was until I did a day of picking. Oh well, it is good exercise.

Doing what is right, knowing we are doing right, knowing why it is right, and the like right behavior is the foundation for courage and confidence. We do not need a god to show us what is right, we can figure that out for ourselves.The old scripture do not show right, much of them are barbaric, perhaps better than the original tribal savages, but not what we need today. Religions got us to where we are today, but now we need better direction, and need to clean up our personnel code of conduct. Coming out as a non-theist take courage, for we will be attacked by delusional theists. Expect blow-back from the religious. 

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