Thursday, June 25, 2015

Is that the natural you or did you learn that?

Is that the natural you or did you learn that? This suggest there are two of us, a natural us, on which learned behaviors, beliefs, values; philosophies, are loaded. So we can learn new things at the personality level,  belief level, emotional level. OK. I just realized that I am pretty much a sociopath like; I just just do not care about other people; that is not to say that I behave that way; I have learned to care for some. Some other things just need to be done, regardless of there cost. Oh well, shit happens. Other things, I cannot force myself to do.

When I do a cost/benefit analysis on overeating, the desire for food out weights anything else, at times. It is a short term irrational pull, that I must learn to resist, not allow to start, or displace it. It is that basic self that is in control, not the learned behaviors. So the effect is there, but the learned behaviors are not as strong as the root native characteristics. 

This also has down sides. I wanted out of my home situation as a child. It was a wait, eat, grow, age, situations, just waiting to be big enough and old enough to get out. I was gone in days after writing that last final exam of grade twelve, but no diploma, I flunked English, the undiagnosed dyslexia played a role in that. Plan completed. On my own. No plan for the future. Not good. Find a job, make money, find a place to live, etc. Oh well, that was almost 50 years ago, it is over, I am retired, no plan for the future. Now I have the time to study philosophy and my mind's workings or not workings. It does not matter. I care about other people about as much as they care about me. So are we social by nature or is that learned behavior, knowing that we do better as a social group than as individuals? Learned I think.

I now know that I am a introvert because I feel anxiety on meeting new people, unlike the extrovert who feels joy or pleasure on meeting new people. I forced myself to do it anyway, even though I felt anxiety. That feeling has just become stronger, to the point that I am a extreme introvert. But is that a characteristic of a sociopath, feeling? Not quite. For society to flourish we need to work together and get along to some extent. There is a continuum of cooperation levels, world, country, province, county, area, tribe, family, individual. But individual is singular. Are we or are we two, mind and body; natural and learned; but that make we are four, and 2 by 2 matrix. Yes, we need to cooperate with ourselves.

But we need to come first so our priority level may be generally reversed, self first to country last. Occasions may arise that we put other levels over ourselves, but these are special. Family for some, but not consistently, and then what about the human detritus with our family. There are some who are just evil among us. There are those we are better to not associate with. There are those too, who abuse and use us. These are the worst of the lot, know them and respect them for what they are, and deal with it all that way.

There are those also who push lofty ideas on us from above, the politicians, who do not need to live in our situation. Regardless of what they say, some of the concepts will never be accepted by all the people, some will not be accepted by but a few, US racial or Canadian Native situations for example. Politics can dictate over our bodies, but they cannot control our beliefs.   

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