Saturday, June 27, 2015


What would a instruction book to teach the art of life for the unbeliever look like?

It would include suggested behaviors and thoughts for all forms of Non-believers, Non-theist, atheist and even Spinzoa theist. It would be more catholic than the Catholic Church, for it would include all those useful and true concepts like family, social community, compassion, and disallow anything that physically hurt other people. Catholic means inclusive. That is something the Catholic church is not.

It would need to include high level ethics, logic, and reasons for all the stances it took, starting at what we call in engineering "first principals". Water flows down hill. You cannot push a rope. Vacuums suck. Compression squeezes molecules together. Time goes forward, and the like first principals that are difficult to argue with, but may need to be expressed.  Its main purpose would be to teach, in the span of years, what it took our ancestors centuries to work out. There is automatically room for improvement, for this is a state of the concept paper, not a final draft or proclamation. 

It would need to state clearly these first principals. A supernatural god does not exist. We do not know all the answers yet. Logic is our only clear tool. We are born to cooperate, since our purpose is to flourish and reproduce. We have done that quite well, and now we need to understand how to get along in ever increasing density until we have the political will to control our population.  I see this document, belief system as a composite of Maslow, stoic, Buddhist, Spinzoa, positive psychology, philosophy, all that is believed to be true and right, but with the provision to test everything, and use that which works and helps (buddhist). Ethics would need to be the foundation as well as real psychology in understanding how we get ourselves to do logic. This is all of the above, combined. There are parts that must be cleaned up, and other things that cannot be.  Buddha hallucinated, likely due to fasting, so that portion should be left out. 

First, we need to agree that the logical way to proceed is logical, not historical beliefs driven. These beliefs have brought us to where we are, a lot of us but no piece. The question is how do we go forward from here? It is through a logical belief system, based on logic, not prescription. We are all equal, that is rational humans are all equal, and logic must control all decisions.  Now how about the non-rational among us? Those who do not yet have control of ourselves that others do? And then that are the ungifted, as Marcus called them. There are the infirm, mentally challenged, and the young who logic ability has not developed. Hell, there are lots among us who have not developed logic, or have chose not to. Stewardship may be the answer. More education, training, or the like. Evolution is not uniform among the population, that is for sure folks.

Equality has it's limits. And then there is the starting philosophy, religion, superstitions, delusions, and purposeful deceptions that we maintain. We all would like life to be simpler, easier, more pleasant, and perhaps harbor a delusion that it should be more to our liking. Many harbor a concept that we should like something and then just buy it, regardless of cost. Not practical in a logical society. The logic says we should have a need, and manage by controlling our needs. We need to practical, frugal, even minimalistic.

We need to understand our personal identity, as one of the unbelievers who use stoic/buddhist philosophy. There are cultural identity and individual identity, primary and secondary identities. We have individual identities as our primary identity,  natives and blacks seem to have their cultural identity as primary, hence the poor mes attitudes, but that is not germane here.

Enough of my stream conscious/daydream.

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