Friday, May 29, 2015

Coming to Know

Beware: politically incorrect and stream of consciousness.
More on what do I believe?

What is your definition of god?   

No religious person has yet given me a suitable definition. It is the unclear definition that starts this process. I have come to accept and know, with as much certainty as I can know anything, that there is no supernatural god. With as much certainty as I can know anything, is just there for the skeptics and all those other philosophers who wonder how we can know anything. I am human, mortal, and all is relative to human existence. I think there I am, and I need to trust my thoughts with as much certainty as I can know anything.  No supernatural god, neither is their an intelligence hiding somewhere that created all this. We are the result of many processes and forces, hydrogen fusion, nuclear fusion, the big bang, star dust, black hole explosion, collection of a solar system, evolution. Much is unknown. The processes carry on at the same speed today as they always have and will, when compared to man's time scale.     

A natural god cannot do anything that is not natural result of nature, chemistry, physics, biology, evolution, and its forces. I do not have a problem of using god as a synonym for nature, or those process, but for clarity why not just use nature rather than some euphemism. It is the difference between fate and providence. The difference between these two words is the positive tone and the god planning concept that is included in the word providence, not the physical outcome. Everything is an just an impression or our thoughts make it so. One outcome adjective we are pleased with, the other we will just need to live with.

Coming to know what I believe is not a simple matter. It takes time and study, and some thing must be put into stasis for now. They just do not fit, or fit yet. Then there is the question of how these should be ordered to express them in a order that does not require something that has not been discussed. I guess that may be why Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius makes more sense in rereading, cycling through, until ever line has a clear and present meaning. 

I needed to unlearn also before I could learn. This has been, and likely continue to be a piecemeal process, for each proposition must be identified, studied for relevance and either be accepted, rejected or held for later examination. This is what make this process so involved, for there is only logic. I am holding that reason and logic are the foundation of all this re-evaluation. Now that reason and logic is the foundation, anything that is not logical, real, or without reason must be cleaned out of my belief system.

I can see now why religion concepts; do as your are told, do not question, do not think too much, are so popular as religion doctrine. You do not need to understand the logic or purpose to impose that belief on young minds to create a meme system to propagate a religion. This was likely more important when life expectancy was not so long. Mohammad and the Christian Knight needed young soldiers to follow orders and die for the cause.  It is the propagation of the belief system and of the organization that runs the system that has become the objective. Yes, I have just said that the people are their to support the church, not the church to support the people. Religion is backwards in the application. It is first the questioning and the inability of the religious to provide reasoned answers that has destroyed the hold of religion. Is that not the definition of a meme system where the original purpose has been replaced keeping it going? 

I am a non-believer in a supernatural god, and you are free to believe what foolishness you wish to believe. I am not against any thesis, so I am not an atheist but rather a non-theist. I recognize that conscious mind is the only part of our mind that uses logic and reason, while the unconscious automatic portion uses our beliefs as the basis of most actions. This is the triune brain at its finest.

How do I end this post? it is part of a big unwieldy developing and changing concept, with future chapters.

Enough and a picture just because.
It's eatable, the whole plant. The root has a bit of a parsnip flavor, leaves kale like, and the flower is sweet. 

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