Sunday, April 12, 2015

Reading Philosophy

Anyone taking up reading philosophy or studying philosophy could do so for only one of four reasons:
  1. To obtain credit for a course or as a pastime, or being told to.
  2. To learn something intellectual to teach or pass on to others.
  3. To explore and learn, and then adopt parts as a way of life, at least the shiny bits.
  4. To adopt as away of life, as a disciple of the total philosophy. 
It is the taking up and living a bit of philosophy that is life changing. Now the big question is what do we want to change?

It this blog, the emphasis on change in regard to overeating and any of those characteristics that drive me (us) to overeat. This is where the stoic philosophies are useful. Some things are up to me, some are not.
 The Beaumont RCMP seem to be involved in an anti-drinking capagain. But can you spot the illogical  inference.

Some thing are up to me, some are not. It is illogical to promise something I cannot deliver. I can promise to never drink, or to never drive, but the result of any action I take are not entirely up to me. It is illogical to promise to arrive alive, because after not drinking, and doing the best driving I can do, arriving alive is just not up to me, so it is illogical to promise some that I cannot be assured of arriving. So much for RCMP logic or the logic of SADD, Students Against Destructive Decisions. Students; perhaps they need to take a course in logic and judgements, the foundation of decision making.

The purpose of studying philosophy is learning to improve my judgements, to see the illogic of some of my behaviors and figure out what needs to be changed. I need to figure out what needs to change in my thinking so that the behavior that I seek becomes automatic, as the behavior follows the cognitive change. (REBT)

There in lies the issue. Enough.

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