Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Religious are .... pick a word.


It has become obvious to me that religions have evolved from a attempt at establishing a consistent moral and education from beyond the grave system into a system for expansion of territory,  of control of people, and destruction of those who will not submit to being controlled.

Those savages remind me of Genghis Khan:

Happiness lies in conquering one’s enemies,
in driving them in front of oneself,
in taking their property,
in savoring their despair,
in outraging their wives and daughters.
        Genghis Khan

All religions have evolved form the primitive folk religions. These all are man made. These have been built, by con-men and others to educate from beyond the grave. Some are well inattention-ed, but the ground crew has mutated the intent for there own use. Some people long for direction, and that longing combined with their own imagination creates the directed spirit. Religions are man made. That realization explains a great deal.


In the brave new world, the police will have the right to stop anyone with the slimiest of reasons, even a feeling, and question anyone. Failure to stop and answer, show I.D. and answer the questions will give the police the right to shoot me. I fear it is coming, life in a police state. Perhaps we will require a chip installed, so a wand swipe will provide a sufficient information. It will not impede the cooperative people, just the non-cooperative. I fear it is coming.

The police cannot let someone walk away with a weapon in there hands, or that have committed a offense. It is that simple. Stop or be shot. 

The ignorant will cling to religion, the educated will accept a chip, and away we go. The penal colonies will be set up as fenced slums or the like.

But what do I know?

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