Saturday, December 5, 2015

Self Reprograming (3) Purpose

What is the purpose of self reprogramming?

Ultimately, I believe, that the purpose can be described as creating in ourselves a necessary and sufficient personality change to bring about an end to the problem, in this case, to bring an end to overeating.

First, we need to identify the problem as our behavior and recognize that we can change our behavior when faced with this problem. Exactly what part of our personality is to be changed or what it is to be changed to is up for debate.

We must become willing to identify and change our behavior, not try to change the environment we live in. We cannot get out of a food rich environment... It is just not practical for many of us. That would mean living by myself... in the bush... separated from civilization. A Thoreau like experience at Walden's Pond. It means wanting and desiring to be able to change.

What needs to be changed is often the question. It is us, our thinking, our philosophy, and ultimately our behavior. We cannot just change behavior without changing our thinking first or near simultaneously. First we need to figure out what aspect need to be changed, and how to make that change. That is the hard part. 

Sustained effort to correct the problem, absolutely and completely is required. Complete abstinence from that behavior, or chemical or substance is required. We cannot even give ourselves the change to use.

I am of Irish/Prussian extraction, and I am addicted to the potato, wheat, grains and sugar, aka carbohydrates. It is a bitch to get off of, and to stay off of. I also am cheap and I grow good potatoes. I was raise on them, they are a traditional food... what is one to do.

But then, what do I know?   

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