Thursday, December 3, 2015

Reprograming self (1) Assent

The process of reprogramming of self has been for me convoluted. There is no manual. There is little help that know the solution, for the solution must be unique to us, as individuals. We do not start at the same place, nor go in the same direction.

I think that the underlying principal is that we all have the right of assenting to a preposition. That is we can agree with a statement, but really we have possibly four choices, assent, rejection, we can withhold a decision for further study or just reject the whole consideration and leave. We can, at a later time, also change our minds, or modify our thoughts on the matter or not. We are free.

I am now free of religion. That is not to say that I disagree with all of there teachings, just the supernatural garbage, old stories, and the like. We need to understand our self selected purpose on earth that we choose for ourselves. We need a clear direction to proceed, and that self selected purpose gives us direction. We need to undertake that purpose with a positive attitude and clear head. We need to understand that if we are going to survive and flourish in the upcoming years, we need to be active and follow a reasonable plan including food, activity, philosophy, and learn to be free from all religious supernatural and irrational thinking. We need to become the rational beings that we are, all while living in these animal bodies and having animal urges. The next stage of evolution is on us.

This rational evolution is not uniform, some have evolved, and some have not. That does not matter, we each will evolve, one at a time or die off. The important issue is that we each have that choice, assent, or withhold assent until we have studied this whole concept a bit more. The first step is to recognize that it is up to each one of us. The choice is ours to make, free of influence.

But what do I know?

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