Thursday, December 17, 2015

Self reprograming (5) purpose

Self reprogramming must occur on three levels, philosophical aka thinking, emotional and behavioral. Philosophical is where the most benefit can be had, for to some extent, it controls the other two levels, according to some. But then there is habit, an automatic response to a situation. We do it unthinkingly, like dishing out the amount of food we take. We need to understand our motivation, our beliefs, values, what has meaning, and produces engagement in us, and what the end outcomes look like.

Ultimately, the purpose of reprogramming is to stimulate a sufficient change to bring about a immediate and complete end to this overeating problem. So if a modern philosopher wrote the 12 steps, what would step one look like? Using Socratic sort of questioning as a method, I suggest the that would look something like: We recognized that we have a problem with our weight which is brought about by eating to much in general. Carbohydrates are the worst, while fats and excess proteins contribute. The overeating has causes, to be explored later. The overeating and obesity has wreaked havoc in our lives and now needs to addressed.

Step 2 would be something like: We realize that the solution to this problem can be help explore the causes, potential solutions and management strategies to overcome the problem. Step 3 will need to lay out the trichotomy, try the program, or not, or explore the program further before making a decision. What the program consists of is yet to be explored.

In the short term the program requires three small meals each day and a full schedule of activities between meals.  In the long term, we may become very different people than we are today.

Looking forward, the step take us through learning about our good and bad behaviors, changing those behaviors to better, addressing social issues, ongoing self education and spreading the message/program in a meme like fashion.

We come to this overeating problem with a great range in our philosophy of life, emotional growth, and behaviors, and some how we all have this same problem(s). In later discussion, I will refer to 6 typical groups of causes: 
  • Food knowledge,  self knowledge, education in general...
  • Physical conditions that cause or contribute, physiology...
  • Environmental factors, effects of specific substances
  • Social factors, relationships
  • Maladaptive behaviors, emotional, stress, anxiety, inactivity
  • Food addiction - chemicals in the food causing 
But what do I know?  


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