Friday, November 18, 2016

How we Value...

Motivation is in some part of how we value the goods be it physical or moral. If we value eating, the pleasure of eating, the warn comfortable feeling that comes with eating, the satisfaction of high insulin/high blood glucose, the taste of good food, or the time with others at the table more than having a svelte body, then we could be a candidate for overeating. It is the personal value we place on an action or physical object that makes all the difference.

How we personally view and value and object or career that can have a big impact on life. Some of us feel that salesmen tend to be lairs, or stretchers of the truth to the point that we do not value anything that comes from their mouths, Trump comes to mind as an example. If we do not value the work of a profession, we should not be part of that profession. If we do not value the work product, we should not do it. What other people value a product at is a different problem. If we enjoy producing a product and can monetize that product, then we have a business, if not we could have a hobby.

Along the way we can remind ourselves that everything has a cost or two, food beyond the cost has a calorie cost and a calorie satiety number, that is some foods should not be eaten by any humans, or by any trying to maintain a weight loss. What value we place on specific foods can impact our decisions by the values we place on them.

But the value we place on anything is a personal value, not that dictated by others. Fresh potatoes this fall had no value. Even the food bank did not want them, nor beets either. Oh well, they make compost. I do not value ego cars, only reliable transportation. So fancy cars. or the desire for a fancy car is not a motivation. They are just a liability, a bait for vandals and thieves. Anyone who has one and it gets stole is partly to blame. Oh well.

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