Tuesday, November 8, 2016

twin pillers, freedom and responsibility

With freedom come responsibility. These are linked. We may be free, but we have the responsibility to make good rational decisions, and allow others to be free, also. That is also known of not forcing our opinions onto others. Churches are control freaks, that try to control adults. Controlling children is one thing, but when we try to control adults and those approaching adulthood, we become control freaks. I am talking normal adults, not those who are not gifted with say more than 1.5 standard deviation below average intelligence; that is to say the people with obvious mental issues. Even those must be allowed to fail, or flounder. Striking back against the oppressors should be expected, and freeing ourselves from the oppressors should be expected.

Are we a potential danger to ourselves or others? That is the test of the government being able to hold people on mental health holds. That must then apply to healthy people as well.

So do religions have the rights to hold adult children to church standards. The legal answer is no, but they do have the right to place conditions on continued support. That is the problem, if you want me to support you through school, university, into a trade, you must comply with my demands. People with nothing are therefor more free that the wealthy, where money is the carrot dangled in front of adherence to a belief system, be in religion or greed, faith or capitalism, farming or business, or junior partners following senior partners in questionable businesses "for a share of the profits" even if that is only wages.  

So what are the wages of sin, or of questionable practices really better than clean wages. In slack times, extreme measures may be required for survival. Think Volkswagen Diesel. vs government standards. Can any diesel actually meet those standards, and be efficient? The ones that meet the standard blow air into the exhaust, to complete the burning and reduce nitrogen compounds. They are less efficient than slightly dirtier stripped engine's. So is what VW did really wrong or just against the regulations? It is against the government control freaks requirements, but is it worse for the environment? The short answer is no, but nitrogen oxide is nasty smelling stuff, and is hard on people. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway   

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