Wednesday, November 16, 2016

the reset button

Do humans have a "reset button" or equivalent?

Now it would appear the AA/OA think so, for those programs try to change the core beliefs of those who come around, and for it's members. The core value it tries to change is the meaning in life and purpose in life setting, and to encourage attachment and engagement to those new values.

When, in the case of drugs or excessive alcohol use, the setting have gone to blank, apathy, or boredom, this is appropriate. I, personally think that resetting to a god is bullshit, for the dueling hypothesis approach to this issue indicates there is no god, but back in the 1930, most believed in one. The better approach would to intentionally develop meaning, purpose in life, and attachment to those purpose, meaning and engagement with the same. Cleaning up the past and sorting out relationships, as well as growth of purpose and meaning are all needed anyway.

The positive cycle starts with positive emotion, clear meaning and purpose, attachment and engagement with developing those meanings and purpose, continual consistent action on the attachment and engagement, action being the operative word in all this.

This sounds like about what happens though the 12 step process, but without knowing what is actually happening, and bringing in a stone age, hand tool aged, or horse and oxen age belief system.

Note that the first step is to beat ourselves down to where we can accept the system, which can work if we can accept a false belief. It takes the believers through necessary processes without understanding why it works, and without developing a clear purpose and meaning in our lives. The program is a blind reset to a false meaning and purpose, god, but the reset includes improvements which are required. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.

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