Thursday, November 3, 2016

failing to produce a descendant tree

In every generation there are some who do not reproduce, some by choice, others by chance, some are willing, other object to nature's choice. This produce terminal branches in our ancestral tree/ descendant tree. All the many fossil species have gone that way, actually more than exist now. So what is there to be concerned about; we sapiens are just one more animal species. So far somewhere between 100 to 120 x 10^9 have gone by, compared to our 7 x 10^9 alive today.
In the current times, those who object to natures choice can make some efforts to "correct" natures ways. It does not matter, for we are too good at reproduction, and have overpopulated. Some people have a tremendous cultural based need to reproduce. That is a cultural problem which can be addressed by cultural engineering or social engineering. Others have no need to reproduce, and must retain that right.

Those something like 80% of the population who do reproduce are saddled with the added responsibility of raising children, even though a big portion of those fail in that responsibility, intentionally or by accident. Some people just do not have the temperament or the skills to raise children. It is a sad fact. Those may destroy the child's desire to reproduce, or to work, or to value life, there's or others. Some of those do overcome, but most just propagate the misfortune.

The ones who do not reproduce... or do so without conviction, may be some of those who's nature does not aline with there natural sex. Oh well. It happens in all generations. The culture may not permit nature's true expression, but that is cultural issue. Oh, well, you can change your culture if you wish. That is a open choice. Culture, tradition, are not fixed, and bad culture behavior should not be honored nor continued. Bad culture should be just abandoned, just like bad behaviors. One is singular behavior, the other is collective behavior. All cultures are the result of collective traditions propagated over time. As time goes on, the value of a tradition reduces from a need of survival to an artifact of history, to an artifact of culture, and may become just a note in the history books.

The biggest single missing element from our modern life is community based on our living location. We may have other forms of community, work based, or activity based. Many of us do not know our neighbors to any extent, some of them we may not even recognize. Oh well, such is my personality and modern times.

I guess, what I am saying is it does not mater if we reproduce or not, the species will survive until it does not. No one has the right to enforce their values on others, even family, not community, nor nation. Am I right in this or out to lunch?

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