Thursday, February 23, 2017

Current Beleifs

Current Beliefs, they are a changing, to what is more likely true. This human uses a probability approach to what is likely true, not an absolute or traditional belief approach. Decisions mostly require some kind of "future knowledge" to determine if they are correct. Most likely positive outcome, conservative, lest regret, most probable chance of success, or some combination can be used as well or there opposites. A decision is a direction, not a future outcome. We do not have control of future outcome; anyone who thinks we do is inflicted with a mind parasite. 

There is no god, no soul, no life after death, no rebirth, no reincarnation. Only natural can occur; there is no supernatural nor miracles, now or in the past. Story telling was likely one of the first language art forms. Language produced a multitude of creation, old times, and historical behavior stories. We need to do what is rational and logical for any and all of the human species to survive in this current time frame.

Species is often defined as the largest group that would naturally mate and produce fertile offspring. This can be psychological as well as range. The key word is "naturally"...mate. A sex deprived male will mate with almost anything, and that is not natural; the other common definition excludes "natural". Natural only mating provides the possibility that we h. Sapiens are composed of numerous species, and therefore I may not be of the same species as other individuals, this could include the group who consider mating with there own sex, and similar groups. This provides me with detachment from all perverted behavior groups, aka different preference groups, of h. Sapiens. This can be psychological or range. These other species have the right to live out their lives in peace, as long as they do not interfere with society. 

There is no self, only neurons in the brain that produce an illusion of self. That has been learned in the collective environments that I have physically passed through. These eukaryotic cells will just die off in the end, and with them goes all traces of non physical self or our outputs.   

We have free will over those thing that are rational and in our control, as Epictetus describes, but only influence over our body and anything that is instinctual. As emotions are based on instinct and beliefs, we have only partial control over emotions and instinctive behaviors. As children we can learn to modify our instinct drives better, to fit into the society we live in, and comply with social norms, even when the social norms are wrong. But only with great difficulty do we learn at age, but we can learn. What we learned as children is not consciously known or recognized, to us as adults, as learned behavior.

Grammar is convention, and different parts of culture have different styles and conventions, which is also limited by the memory and concern of the individual. No religious person has any right to talk about my grammar as they are unable to sort fact and fiction. I do spell poorly, have poor memory for spelling and words, am dyslectic, and do not care about conventional grammar as no one has been able to explain it to me so that I understood it rationally. My family of origin had no idea what good grammar was, and I missed that in school for the most part. 

We have an instinct to learn as learning is one of the human skills. As we learn, we see the need to understand other things, yet there is not enough time to do all that is needed. After adopting all these beliefs, language itself, needs to change, but how does one do that. All the belief based references needs to be removed, and only facts included.

Memes and meme systems are the basic building block of though, speech a communications. Tools, as Dennett says. Religions are mind parasites that control the recognition of reality of those inflicted with the parasite. Those mind parasites that do not permit peaceful coexistence should be inoculated against, or disinfected and that may destroy all mind parasites. Good.  

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