Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Confidence Source.

Our beliefs lead to confidence. When we can say, without out any doubt, that "What I believe is correct without any doubt", how can we not have confidence. This is why religious and political leaders can do stupid things, but have confidence that what they are doing is correct.  Yes, this is founded on circular logic. But even the scientific method is circular logic, but a five step circular logic.

The thing with small circle circular logic is that it always appears correct, even when it is not. What is one to do? any religion thereby appears correct. There is a god because I believe there is one. I believe there is no god because there is no place other among the concept class of objects for a god to hide. The concept class has no physical existence, and exist only in the mind of the believer. Existence is not a proper attribute of the concept class. End of discus ion. What more can be said. If no god, no after life, no soul, no moral imperatives beyond what we must do to all live in a community, for we cannot know or do enough to live well. We could live simply, but not advance very far as individuals. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.

To advance, man must live in communities where division of labor can occur. Yet in communities there is so much bullsh*t and waste. As communities grow beyond a point, there must be declining returns. Wasted time searching for customers, searching for products, and along comes the internet with mostly false information. Look at the US political system. Look at all the religious wasters, and we atheist escaping the influences of the religious wasters. It is a difficult struggle, and we must live among the religious wasters, for they are not going to change. We can only save the young from such delusions. The old are not worth the effort, unless they want it. Oh well...

So where is the effort best placed? In the young before there minds become fixed, in any age that are questioning, and looking for truth or just change. Or we can just broadcast to whoever and not worry about anything more. Once we have cast out religion, then what? That is where the ongoing struggle that is life occurs. That is where we humans get sorted out. That is where our found confidence in knowing what is right provides value to those who want it. 

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