Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Parasites of the Mind

Parasites of the Mind

I do not know what else to call them. These are concepts, residing totally within the mind that are wrong, and create problems for the person who's mind is infected... or perhaps not for the person, but those around him... or perhaps not causing them or anyone a problem, but are just obviously wrong, and that person does not know it, or perhaps he does.

I have one that says eat, eat. I know it is there, but how does one get rid of it? Identification must be the first step. I have dispatched some of these parasites that were culturally implanted. Several remain, including TV, eating, and personality disorders. Oh well. I have given up any concept of religion, and am trying to sort my beliefs out to that which is logical, or at least logical or needed for a modernish sort of life. I am not willing to go minimalist, for I was raised that way, with nothing but what was needed, as defined by others. I often feel like I was raised as a farm slave. Oh well, it is all done now.

Religion is the worst parasite of the mind. God lives only as a false concept in the mind. As a concept, it is beyond space and time, and has no physical existence, yet directs the lives of people, as long as they have the concept in their mind, and strongly controls their mind, just like that eat, eat, parasite of the mind. Each morning I wake up, and there it is, that damn eat, eat thought.

So will the next piece of evolution provide a truth test, is this though based on reality or is it a free floating concept that macerates as being real? Yet the eat eat is at least part real. Is it thinking that causes the problem?

If one cannot separate religion from there life, than perhaps they cannot separate truth and false thoughts. So then we cannot trust our political leaders to tell the truth, to base decisions on the important truths, and simpler issues.We see people who are clear of religion, and we see those who are not clear of religion. So which group functions better? Which have higher morals, ethics, values? Well as it turns out morals, ethics, and values are totally independent of a belief in a god or religion. Many religions promote a set of morals, ethics and values, yet these are not attached to a belief in a god.

Any religion that condones war, in any form, permits sanctioned killing, while there religion says do not kill. So right off there is a cognitive dissonance. Either address the dissonance, or you will lose the cognitive alert. Preach religion and armament is just not compatible; it is either one or the other. Guns bring violence, so the religions preach one thing and live another. Then either arm and defend free of any god, or have your god with peace and losses. The alternative is open sanctioned killing as with Islam, which is also a mind parasite.

It is only awareness that is the first step in removal of mind parasites. Oh well, in the end we will just die anyway.      


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