Friday, February 10, 2017

What is after Atheism?

 Having stepped from being raised within the "Anglican Church", and rebelled into agnostic thinking, becoming somewhat educated, becoming atheistic, I need to ask what is next, or as the some says, Is that all there is?  Searching about the internet, I came across:

which, in a way, addresses this same question but from the view of Buddhism. So does the term "post theism" really apply to my belief system? What I believe has been assembled a piece at a time, from where I was raised, what I did and saw, heard, witnessed. Some wore me down, and oppressed me. Some was freeing. We now see the likes of Trump providing alternative facts, false news, providing a alternative reality as presented by the media. Just do not look at the parts we do not like.

There is little doubt that for an individual, going to theism from atheism is not a common occurrence, but playing the role, a "closeted atheist" could have the advantages of both a religious community and truth. But anyone believing the truth today, or science of today would suffer cognitive dissonance to believe both science and religion, if they were detail orientated, and rigid in their thinking. So what come after no god, no afterlife?

Immigration or redistribution within the political identity has taken care of environment population saturation to this point in time, but there is little space remaining in this world. Carbon dioxide levels indicate that we are over the earth atmosphere carrying capacity.  CPAP machines indicate we are at the limit of carbon dioxide concentration for unassisted human population. So are we going to stop reproducing or are we going to keep going until our environment starts to kill off people, to control the population? If we keep going, are we going to be able to let people die? Or are we going to destroy ourselves keeping sick people alive to where it is a bankrupting activity? It is not going to be a shortage of water or food that takes us out, but adequately clean air which is a world resource. It will kill the old first, which will not stop reproduction. 

We have " turnip patches" where the governments house "human animals", the ungifted and physically incomplete people for there natural lives. We have such high disease rates, and healthcare costs in Canada. As the carbon dioxide level rises, we will have more of these, so the cost will increase until this become such an economic draw that it will bankrupt the government. Canada is at the point of hurting from this; the US lets more people who cannot afford to keep themselves alive to die off. Oh well.

It is my prediction that there will be much screaming and gnashing of teeth before the population stabilizes at a healthy value. My estimate is 3.5 billion; the population when carbon dioxide was last nearly stable at.

So the ultimate question is what should I spend the remainder of my life doing? Carbon sequestering is the obvious answer, but that is so highly taxed, and so little revenue off the practices. And nobody cares much about it yet. Carbon sequestering is against government policies, as they depend on revenue that depletes good farm land with housing. Oh well, in the end we just die anyway.   


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