Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sorting out reality

What is reality, correct action and consciousness? Does consciousness even exist?

According to Dan Dennett, we have a predictive loop in our mind, and it conducts "data transfer." The conformation only comes back if negative if and only if a negative is encountered. Negative only confirmation signaling.  This makes the sending control greater but somewhat reliant on the transducer/ signal conditioner. We cannot correct for a zero signal return, as addressing a non existent identity. There is no god, there is no soul, and there is no self, but only an illusion. Wow. This puts the human mind at a disadvantage until we realize this. On someone can install a false concept in our mind, and until we test it, we take it for real. This is dangerous reality. We may need to quarantine unproveable ideas and concepts by saying to ourselves: Joe believes ...X....Y....

Once we realize that unless we get a negative signal, we can accept a non signal as a positive signal or no signal. We are free to go in outward or forward into the gaps between our knowledge and not encounter real physical resistance. Generating anything that is either non existent or confirms to our prediction from assumed facts, even when it is not. When we are thinking about the concept world, we are free to exploit this weakness in the human mind operating weakness or is it a feature that drives us forward without restraint. We live in a boundless world, unless we provide an internal, self imposed or collective society imposed bound. We need also to test it for reality, not just conceptual. 

Our mind is composed of hedonistic synapses and selfish neurons. That does not leave room for anything like a self, only room for an illusion/delusion of a self. Self is simply a way of thinking, and a collective delusion that we have learned, as children, and have never taken the time to seriously examine. We are all just opportunistic organic matter, living on a big whirling rock, and there is only a convenient illusion of self.

As the rock whirls, we have awareness of our selves, our thoughts, and our actions. We have complete control or confinement of our thoughts, but not of our bodies; that is the dichotomy of control. People like Sam Harris who say we have no free will, aka no self control have included some of what we do not have control of, within their measurement. We have control of our mind's output, but not what is thrust into our minds. We can pick up mind parasites and/or pathogens that drive us, just as a fluke drives an ant to destruction to complete the life cycle of the fluke. Religion is a parasite, imposed on us by others as a community delusion. It makes humans easy to control.

Buddha, in his meditations, realized there is no self, but never explained what he really meant. He likely did not have a better description. This no self is quite possible to see in meditation, once we realize what we are looking at. But is that reality? It certinally is the space between concepts, but is there anything further beyond. Self was certinally one of the concepts loaded into the necktop by community delusions, that can also be removed.

We have free will and responsibility for our actions, and that is enough to go forward with. I live with an alien species, that I am sure of.

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