Monday, February 13, 2012

OA +

Is there room for a OA plus movement?

I am an atheist, and think science, reason, and the like can take the place of god. It has worked fairly well, but needs a bit of work.

The problem is not loss of weight, but ending overeating, with the increased food pressure that I see. I do OK as long as I do not go near TV or around food, but I  drool in food stores, just like a wet mouthed dog. It is a bitch. Visual eating cues are bad. The program is of no help for this physiological/mental problem, but it does help to not act on the urge/compulsion/physical reaction. Avoiding food is the only choice for that issue that I have found.

In the BB pg 186, B&B ask there questions, after they discuss the problem, Do you want to quit, can you without help, and do you believe in god, looking for a yes-no-yes response, but what of those of us with a yes-no-no response?

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