Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Second Paragraph of Our Invitation to You

We have found the reasons unimportant... I have difficulty with.

Remove the reason and the problem becomes so much easier to deal with. In fact, remove all of causes, and the problem will dry up and blow away. No problem, no program. If I could find all the causes, or the remaining causes, I would not be around the program.

I have found some of the causes of my problems. I have found a bunch of causes, and removing the cause, each one, made following the program, giving up the offending food, or concept, or activity, changing my behavior much easier. I have not figured out how to deal with several problems, one an obsession of the compulsive mind, and secondly a sight driven appetite, likely a cephalic phase insulin overshot, the ever present food marketing pressures, and imprinted reaction to stress/free time. In addition, there is the emotional, intellectual, and physical desire for tasty foods that I did enjoy. For these reasons, I hang around the program.

Given up carbohydrates beat the glucose driven post postprandial insulin overshot. Cutting way back of fructose reduced the fructose - alcohol like addiction that I suffer from. Cutting out wheat relieved the opioid driven dopamine blocking issue, add a few nuts as well with those cross linked amino acids starting with G. Cutting out the other grains, rice, over-cooked potatoes removed the serotonin flushed from the gut, to the brain rush. Getting rid of sugars in all forms reduced the dopamine rushes. Keeping the meals small, and low in omega 6, helps with the insulin displacement of leptin, and leptin shortage.

After all that I have learned about food, the frauds, deceit, and outright lying in the food industry, the money grubbing base of the medical industry, I have come to a Paleoish diet, but I still have a few issues. In addiction, food addiction is a slipper place, the craving strong, and easy to mess up with. Obsessive compulsive mind is a separate issue from food addiction, and require separate information. Addictive food must be avoided completely.

Having said all that, we should not be looking for a spiritual solution to a nutrition problem, nor a nutrition solution for a psychological problem. We need to know the actual problem for a lasting solution. 

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