Sunday, February 26, 2012

Step 0

In AA step Zero is put the plug in the jug. In OA, we cannot eat our addiction foods. We must first give then up. We must become willing to give them up.

Eating is driven forward in a series of addiction feed back loops. First is sugar and carbohydrates that become sugar. Insulin response is the driver that shunts glucose into fat cells and locks it there until we have been hungry for an hour or two. Then we start drawing on fat. We need good long stretches of hunger to start drawing from fat until we give up most carbohydrates, and start to burn fat, and then hunger is not frequent until we get to a reasonable weight. Once we cut the carbohydrates and start to burn fat, we can see the leptin. Now we have quit feeding the insulin feedback cycle. 

Now it is time to move onto the opioid feed back loop. This one is from the ingestion of opioids, and products that become opioids. Opioids are peptides, protein fragments, part of the digestive process. The main sources of the proteins that break into opiods and glutin and gladin, found in wheat, and casins found in dairy products.

To find out what is driving you, I suggest the Maffetone two week test, and then add back one at a time. Anything you cannot give up, you are addicted to it, that simple.

Next Dopamine and Serotonin.

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