Monday, January 14, 2013

Wrong Attitude

On page xii of Fat Chance, Robert repeats what I believe to be a wrong attitude for recovery from overeating and obesity. He states " Most important, food is pleasure." As long as I hold that attitude, I could not recover. The only purpose of food in recovery can be to sustain the body, the carriage of the mind. I cannot control my body, I do not have power over my body, but I can control some of my volitions.

My own attitudes and needs are most important in the control my environment.

Avoidance of foodies is one thing I can do. What is the proper relation that I should have with a foodie? None. At least none that involves food. I had a difficult lunch the other day, seated at the same table with a incessant food babbler. No relationship require. Mind my own needs, silence, and mind elsewhere.  That is simple.


"I undertook to conquer myself rather than fortune, and to alter my desires rather than change the order of the world, and to accustom myself to believe that nothing is entirely in our power except our own thoughts... Here, I think, is the secret of those ancient philosophers who were able to free themselves from the tyranny of fortune, or, despite suffering and poverty, to rival the gods in happiness."

Descartes said a lot there. Happiness is all a matter of attitude, and we can be about as happy as we make our minds up to be. The stoics had it.

Gone are resentments, fears, angers, desires, aversions. Now what am I going to do?

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