Thursday, January 10, 2013

faith to reason

When we are young, we need to take things on faith, but as we age, we have time to study, learn and believe things based on reason and knowledge. This is the foundation of the analysed life that Socrates was so fond of. Analysis shows that some of our early beliefs are wrong, we need to accept that they are wrong and to change.

In order to accept that we are wrong, ego must be dropped. After that, change is possible. Just how much of the bull-shit we were taught is wrong? Quite a bit, and there are those who are pushing those wrong beliefs as right, but if they do not stand up to the light of reason and knowledge, then they are fiction, or concepts. Any concept is suspect; we need to pick the best available and consider the ratchet philosophy, use it until something better comes along.

Faith verses reason and knowledge can go along way in recovery, as can the inventory concept in analysis. It it does not stand up to reason, what other concepts are there out there, or create your own.

Consider Christianity; faith, hope, charity, love, everlasting life (death denying) as the founding principles. Or the Stoics, with justice, prudence, fortitude, temperance, impermanence or Marcus Aurelius with self-control, justice, wisdom, and courage and death, be it atoms, relocation or dispersal. Which is faith based and which is reason based?     

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