Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chance ...Step 2 & 3

Developing a concept of god that works is crucial in recovery. After we have a concept of god, even if it is the sum of all random generators, what the ancestors did not understand, an atheist concept, what ever, we need to separate out what we have power over, and let god take care of other's and gods responsibilities. We can only be responsible for what we have absolute control over, our wills. Our directing mind, volitions, and some decision making is in our control.  

Our conscientiousness may not be included, our ego is not included within our power, our body is out of our control, making our life's beyond our control, aka, unmanageable.

We work with impressions, and we can decide what we consider before our volitions, our impulses, positive or negative, are released, or if they are released. This we have control over. We can let go, ignore ego, impressions, and decide what we are going to look at. Life get simple when we ignore other's responsibility, and leave it to them, or to god, in their time. 

All I need do is keep on breathing, everything else is a bonus. And if I do not keep on breathing, that too, will be some one else's problem.    

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