Sunday, January 13, 2013


In stoic philosophy, hope is not a virtue but a desire. We stoics need to let go of desires, and do something on ourselves instead, something within our control, and within the power of our wills.

There is two path that lead to the inevitable death, one taking actions in the now that are within my will, and the other in hope. Which will I choose today?

Today, I can move over to the path of recovery, an small moderate breakfast, and the Sunday meeting. No hope, just planned actions. Perhaps a bit of reading Fat Chance in between.

Fat Chance is a wonderful book by Dr. Robert Lustig that describes this problem that some of us have, defines the causes, and some of the things we need to do to recover. Get temptation and convenience out of our main environments.

Behaviour = (cognitive inhibitions) X (sum of (genetic, epigenetic, hormonal and biochemical) drives). Rap your brain around that one.

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